Know The How And The Why


What will our collaboration look like?

We run a first session called “Event-Storming” in order to better understand your business. Once we’re done we’ll start to develop and deliver in fast iterations using Lean Management and Agile. We simultaneously document and keep track of the project behavior through “validated learning”. Once our collaboration is finished, we make sure your team is informed and ready to take over our project.


Exploratory Sessions with Event Storming

In the beginning stages of our collaboration, our first priority is to get to know you. Fast. Once we have a solid grasp on your goals, we’ll create an overview of your business using a technique called “Event Storming” created by Alberto Brandolini.

Everyone pertinant is involed in this meeting. Don’t be afraid to invite more than 10 people. We will lead the session and ensure its productivity. Once it’s finished our team will take it from there, researching any remaining topics.


Event Storming is very simple, but still the most effective tool for exploratory work. You can check it out in this video:


Applying Lean to your project

Lean Management

Lean is a methodology that promotes constant learning of user behavior through data-driven management.

During each execution of Lean’s proposed cycle we will experiment and discover the most effective ways to deliver what your clients need. This will create an “engine of growth” that will push your business toward innovation and deliver what is needed.

Verified Learning

We can conduct research and develop your project/product conceptually, and we’ll provide you with each improvement’s tracking data, the conclusions and the “verified learning”. The latter is the knowledge we have certified is true based on the projects’ usage data and previously ran experiments.

Every new development will be based on an experiment in order to verify assumptions or “validated learning” from a previous experiment.


Following the development with Agile

We follow the Agile manifesto. Depending on your project we may decide to use a variant of SCRUM, Kanban or other Agile implementations. Our teams are proactive and aimed at continuous self improvement. As Agile proposes, we prioritize communication between team members over brash decision making regarding a methodology or process.

When we use Sprints, we usually work in 1 or 2 week cycles. For us, it is a priority to deliver as fast as possible, in small steps instead of huge releases. If the client needs it we can suggest tools and implementations of Agile for the client’s teams. We can adjust ours to the client’s Agile implementation too.

We train small- and medium- sized teams in Agile, while providing both established and newer teams with a set of tools and recommendations.



We will make sure that you are ready to take it over.

When our job is done we will provide you and the team with the required documentation and training for continued development and maintenance of the project. Your team will be ready to pick up where we left off.


What can you expect from us?

Open Source

When possible, we always use open source. This is advantageous in the long-term while lowering the costs as well.

Clear Communication

We value long term relationships above short term profits. You can expect clarity and honesty from us at all times, even when that affects our short term profits.

Continuous Delivery

As previously mentioned we deploy quickly and regularly. Expect to have improvements on a continuous basis. Have requirements changed? Not a problem.

Giving Back

We believe in improving our social environment wherever we are. We promote talks, free formations, social programs and integration activities, both internally and externally.

Discussion & Agreement

We reject authority as a medium for achieving objectives. We value long term benefits and therefore promote open, empathic, healthy and honest discussions.

100% Transparency

By hiring us you give us your trust. We’ll keep this trust by being fully transparent. You’re informed about everything. No more surprises or sketchy behavior. We promote the same internally.

Are you ready to start?

Send an email or call us with any questions. We look forward to working with you and seeing your business succeed.