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Software Consultancy

We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise in all the required aspects for building, modernizing and maintaining high level digital products. On top of developing applications, we show the way to other technology companies. We can help you to develop a development strategy for your product, to design the infrastructure and to choose the best technology combination, to establish the methodologies and processes that better fit or to build from scratch the best team for your project.

Consultancy areas



We analyze each project in order to find the best technological strategy. We will set up an infrastructure plan, choose the correct technologies, establish good security practices, define the data structure and create a scalability plan. And if you need, we can execute all of these.



We examine your team's internal processes, evaluate it's performance and establish guidelines and methodologies, always keeping the a high people morale. If you need to hire technical people but you don't have a CTO, we will take care of finding a team and a Lead that match. We will provide you a new vision, a workflow, new tools and new processes.


KPI Definition

We help you defining key indicators for your project in order to fulfill your business objectives. These KPI will always be concrete, measurable and selling, fidelization increase or cost reduction oriented. Each technical detail may have a vital impact in the metrics. We focus on choosing the correct KPI and to make them grow.



We, in partner with third parties, audit your project or company for ISO 27001 and 27002. We don't only report, but provide the solutions for the found flaws. Once we finish, your application will follow the requires standards.



  • Companies needing of technological advising in order to develop their own applications
  • Companies needing to build a development team from scratch or to improve their methodologies and technologies
  • Companies needing to create and track technical KPIs related with business objectives
  • Companies needing to audit and improve their security standards


  • From 1 months to 2 years, depending from the project and service.

Contract type

  • One time project.

Optional extra

  • Extra knowledge transfer for about used technologies and methodologies into your team.




  • Cleint meeting
  • Specifications definition
  • Scope definition



  • Event Storming
  • Application and business logic analysis.
  • Análisis de necesidades de equipo y metodologías actuales.
  • Team needs and current methodologies research



  • Operation Strategies
  • Technologies selection
  • Team selection
  • Roadmap definition



  • Lean and Agile methodologies
  • Testing
  • Release
  • Formation

Let us be your guide

Now that you know everything we can do related with consultancy. Do you have a software project where you need advising? Count on us and we will help you to reach your objectives efficiently in a optimized and scaled up way.

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