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Techs&Methods Formation

Collaboration and sharing knowledge are key elements in our DNA. We constantly update our tool box with the most advanced technologies and methodologies for software and digital products creation. We tightly collaborate with out customer's internal teams and make sure that all our applied know-how is transferred before the end of the project. Your team will be ready for any new project extension and challenge. Transform your company culture and focus your team in quality, excellence and continuous improvement.



Tech Education

We can set up formations about our used methods and technologies. We can teach your team technologies like Angular, Nodejs, Typescript, Javascript, Rust, Python, xSQL, Document type DBs or Elasticsearch, but also methodologies for scalability like microservices and queues or work philosophies like Agile, Lean and remote work.


Formation plan

We can develop long term formation plans for organizations. It would be an staged transversal process for incorporating new technologies and processes into your team's culture. We will design the plan with you in close collaboration and focus in improving the development practices (TDD, Continuous integration, etc).



Knowing the steps of incorporating new technologies, deploy a good leadership and keep high motivated team are the keys for implant new processes. We offer consulting services and coaching for CTOs and developers with the objective of making easier for the team to get use discover better ways of working.


Hybrid Formation

We can teach you a new technology or methodology and help you solve concrete problems in your organization. The hybrid formation allows us to go deep into your business at the same time that training your team. The final result will be a trained team and with experience in problem resolution.



  • Organizations needing of concrete formation about a technology, methodology or work philosophy
  • Organizations that seek a formation plan for their software development teams.
  • Organizations that need a consulting or coaching services for handling human resources.
  • Organizations having concrete problems in a project and, beyond the punctual solution, want to create a integrate new know-how for future problems.


  • From 1 month to 1 year, depending of the project's type.

Contract type

  • One time hiring.
  • External team.




  • Meeting the client
  • Specification collection
  • Scope definition



  • Necessity identification
  • Problem identification



  • Technology selection
  • Methodology selection
  • Course/Plan/Coaching Design



  • Formation execution
  • New knowledge evaluation
  • Deploy and implantation

Learn, focus, transform.

Now you already know what we can do regarding technology and methodology formations. Improve your teams's skills and processes and find a new focus for your culture to achieve your objectives.

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