We refactor

Systems modernization and stabilization

We solve erratic applications or that cannot absorb high traffic volumes. We trace back the problem until finding the root and provide concise solution proposal. We will provide the talent and workforce to solve it in the fastest way. We stabilize systems, escalate and refactor them in order to achieve the organization objectives.



Application stabilization

You application is having constant donwtimes and errors and you are not having enough resources to stabilize the application. We deep into your application, analize the problem and find the key factors like technical debt and help you to rebuild your project and team with the best methodologies and practices.


Product Scaling

Your product may work correctly today but it needs to be prepared to ensure the correct performance when the traffic start growing. We intervene the data, the business logic and work flows in order to achieve sustainable growth in your applications.


Cloud Migration

Your product requires elasticity in order to adapt to abrupt changes in traffic. This elasticity takes shape as increases and decreases of computation power, memory and storage capacity. We intervene you application in order to prepare it for the Cloud and we design the best architecture for it.


Security Handling

Your project needs to evaluate, improve and keep security at standard. It needs to be GDPR complaint and follow other industrial standards. We intervene at every level: code, infrastructure, servers, methodology in order to apply best practices that ensure the best integrity and privacy for your systems



  • Organizations that have an erratic or slow application or that suffer of downtime's.
  • Organizations that are thinking of increasing their business and want to prepare their product for it.
  • Organizations that seek migrating their infrastructure to the Cloud.
  • Organizations that need to improve their applications security or GDPR compliance.


  • From one months to two years, depending of the project type.

Working type

  • Puntual job

Optional extra

  • Training for knowedge transfer to your team.




  • First appointment
  • Specification recolection
  • Scope definition



  • Event Storming
  • Architecture, functionalities y process analysis.
  • Team and current methodologies analysis.



  • Action Strateguy
  • Technology selection
  • Roadmap definition



  • Lean y Agile methodologies
  • Testing
  • Releasing
  • Formation

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