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Application development

We work with you to release digital projects with you from scratch. We will do a previous research if the projects requires it or we will enter into the development phase directly. We can build MVPs for you or attach to your organization ecosystems as external team for long-term projects. We can build efficient, optimized and safe applications from the ground up.




A Minimal Viable Product (MVP) or Proof of Concept (PoC) are products that are developer with the minimal basic functionalities in order to provide value to the customer and test assumptions. We develop and evolve these types of product using Lean in order to validate the business model before investing more resources into a full fledge development process.


Big Developments

We develop external projects in order to make complex and wide business applications a reality. We intervene in the ideation phase and in the project development. We work with Agile methods that allow us to develop the project with iterations or release phases.


APIs Development

We create services and tools that will serve yours organization data in order to offer new applications and features. For example, we can integrate the invoicing system with your HR application, predict the arrival time of you vehicle fleet or sync your storage stocks with your online shop.


Web Application

We create web applications for the final user adapted to every type of web browsers, mobile and other web compatible devices. We are specialized in high-traffic applications using several technologies, in the Cloud and with high optimization and sequrization standards.


External development team

Some companies need a fully external team for an concrete technical task. We can provide this external team, integrated as part of your organization long-term projects ecosystem. Any new technique or knowledge we provide will be transferred by day to day work with your other teams.


Everything you can imagine

Are you missing anything? Do you need a very specific type of software development? We are always learning and love new challenges. If you have doubts about us being the correct match, don't wait, as for an appointment and we can discover how to help you.



  • Startups with funding but without technical team.
  • Already established organizations that seek to create a new product or to experiment without an internal team costs.
  • Organization managing data seeking new ways of using the data.
  • Organization looking for a new application.


  • From one month to two years, depending of the project type.

Working type

  • By project.
  • Team hiring.

Optional extra

  • Training for technologies and methodologies knowledge transfer to your team.




  • First appointment
  • Specification recolection
  • Scope definition



  • Event Storming
  • Architecture, functionalities y process analysis.
  • Team and current methodologies analysis.



  • Mockups
  • Navigation flows
  • Services



  • Lean & Agile development
  • Testing
  • Releasing

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