We are Couragium

Our history

Couragium’s story is the story of 2 work friends with the vision of changing how software is developed in order to create excellent digital products using fair working relationships, transparency, creativity and people trust. In order to achieve that feat there is one essential ingredient: Courage.

David and Rafa meet for first time in Berlin working for a local company. They both had experience as entrepreneurs and leading teams and they both had very clear the current problematic in the working market. Honesty and trust are two values that, simply put, don’t exist in the market. The current dynamic of IT professional causes billions of looses due to their lack of knowledge identifying, handling and empowering their team’s talent.

Ending 2018 Rafa and David decided to create Couragium, a company with the objective of being a pool of peace of mind, trust and quality in a sea of tied contracts, rushes and distrust. With values based in courage. Values that we believe that are too scarce in the market and that differentiate us as organization.

Ströer SE & Co. KGaA, RegioHelden GmbH y Omnea GmbH were the first customers that trusted Couragium to handle their projects and employees when the company was loosing money. During that time we expanded their team, stabilize their platform, migrated their infrastructure to the cloud and adapted and secured their services making them GDPR compliant. After our journey Omnea GmbH went from loosing 400.000 Euros each year to earn 1,3 Million Euros yearly.



Values are the backbone of Couragium's work. Keeping these values requires determination and courage. As Joseph Campbell defines “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”


Couragium is it's people

Couragium's employees aren't mindless workers, but competent and autonomous individuals that solve your problems with their creativity and knowledge. And that is how they are threated and respected. Each employee has the decision power and autonomy to give the best of themselves.


Wisdom before speed

It is wordless to rush a decision without data today if you will need to change it tomorrow. We recollect information, process it, interpret it, think about it and use our creativity to achieve results that others, simply put, can't


Open source and giving back to the community

Developing software wouldn't be the same without open source and its communities. We push for publishing open source code, create informative talks and help the community to be as independent and healthy entities as we know that it helps every company, including yours.


Life-Work balance

We are very aware that our product aren't monthly lines of code, but the effectiveness and quality of the solutions that we create. We know that the only way to achieve this is with happy and rested people ready to think deeply.


Conversation and agreement over authority

Authority is synonym with poor results. We listed to each other, even if we don't like it, in order to reach conclusions that doesn't ignore vital points of view. It is hard and it requires courage, but the results pay off and they are incredible. Questioning our more intimate values makes us stronger and better.


Diversity, inclusion and tolerance

If we are all equal, have similar lifestyles and believe the same we can only do things for us. Diversity, beyond moral, strengthens our team unlocking new points of view and finding new creative solutions. Inclusion and tolerance are the engine that allow this diversity. At the same time, we take very serious any glimpse of racism, sexisms, any time of discrimination and we block them in the first hint.


100% transparency

This is something we take really seriously. With ourselves and with our customers. We know that even with short term looses being transparent and honest will always bring long term benefits. We are here to be partners, not to sell you a product.



Courage is saying what you think even when you are afraid of being judged, looking at the uncertainty and still going forward with your values. Courage is what defined us and the antidote to the corporatism and stagnation. As Joseph Campbell defines “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”