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Lean is the fastest path to resource optimization.

Our mission is to assist you in achieving the fastest product/market fit. We deploy Lean and Agile in your organization as mediums for optimizing the resource usage in your business. Expect fast iterations, short time to market, and real metrics and KPIs that will guide the project growth.

Agile and Lean

Problems with Waterfall and Bad Agile

Many companies use some sort of “Agile” in their development. The problem is that in many cases it’s a “Bad Agile” that is truly just an undercover “Waterfall”. Waterfall and Bad Agile are problematic and very expensive. You can look at the next video to see a full explanation.

In summary, they are expensive and inefficient because:

  • They assume the future is certain.
  • They prevent people from improving already made decisions.
  • Correcting mistakes is hard and very expensive.
  • They make it difficult to have an open information flow, affecting the decision-making capacity of the managers and the governance of the company.
  • They produce unsatisfied workers, making them less productive and proactive.
  • They promote hiding mistakes instead of having open discussions.

Given our in-depth understanding of these problems, we ensure their absence and the implementation of proper Agile in your company.

Agile and Lean

Save costs through continuous learning

Continuous Discovery

We build and track the product such that data is always available when we need it. This enables the product managers to constantly learn about the product and user, and makes it possible to react as soon as something changes in the market.

Continuous Delivery

We continuously release changes and experiments to test our assumptions about the user. Instead of expending resources building something for months without real data, we deploy a huge set of experiments that quickly guides us to the product/market fit.

Data Driven Decisions

Continuous Discovery and Continuous Delivery allow us to build a database of verified knowledge about your product and clients. Our suggestions and decisions are always backed up with concrete, clear data. We use a scientific, methodological approach to fit your product to the market.

Values and trust as mediums for resource optimization

You’re not just a client, you’re our business partner and we care about your success. We’re always going to be honest with you, even if that means stopping the project. Our long term relationship with you is more important than short term profit.

Spend time using the tools, not searching for them

We have extensive experience with knowing what tools and methodologies to use in many cases. You will know what is the best option in each case. You can expect informed suggestions with data backing it up. Choice of programming language, whether to use SCRUM vs Kanban, what code/system architecture, and when to use the resources will be thoroughly discussed during our collaboration.

Are you ready to start?

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