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Nice To Meet You

Hi there,

Thank you for joining us! We hope this finds you well. Feel free to tell us about anything you think may be wrong, or talk to us about anything we can improve.

Let me tell you about the history of Couragium and what our objectives are. It all started with us, Rafa & David. We were working for a company called Omnea GmbH in Germany. It was there that we saw how broken the software development market is and consequently decided to found Couragium. Many consultancies bill by the hour, which basically means they are more interested in being a parasite rather than providing value. They just work on anything without thinking about the client’s best interest. A person with 3 years of experience is called “senior” and is given big projects without any help. Consultancies treat developers as if they’re meat and they sell developers by the hour with simplistic names like “rockstar/rambo” and “backend/frontend”, as if there weren’t technical words to describe the competencies of a programmer!

We strive to build a different consultancy. We are in no rush to search for clients and we want to build a place where people can grow and learn doing what they love. We want to operate in a way that promotes well being, honestly and empathy instead of stress, lies and authority. Our values:

  1. Pay well
  2. Employees over the company (the employees are the company)
  3. Wisdom over growth (no rush to find new clients, instead integration in the community via networking to find the correct client)
  4. Give back to the community and society
  5. Work/life quality over rushing
  6. Discussion & mutual agreement over authority
  7. Diversity, inclusiveness & tolerance, but intolerance with the intolerant
  8. Empathy and human understanding as conduit for personal excellence
  9. Be honest and true to your values
  10. 100% Transparency

We would love to have you join us.

Rafa & David.


Current open positions

Feel free to contact us even if there are no positions listed here. If you send a CV or apply to a open position, please, do not send a picture in your CV. We are more interested in your competencies rather than what you look like or how professional your photographer is.

You can call us at:  +34 686 84 44 65 or +34 680 64 06 26
Or send an email to: info@couragium.com

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